Music by Braedon Hall


Hello! I'm a composer for film and media. I've recently completed a Bachelor of Music, and over this time I have contributed to a number of student films and various external projects. I've also studied film at the Queensland University of Technology and at Michigan State University under mentor, Troy Hale. During this time, I directed and composed the score for my first film which was accepted into the Made in Michigan Film Festival.

    Check out a reel of my work or watch the full videos below!


    Fallout Cascadia

    Fallout Cascadia is a large standalone mod for Fallout 4. The project is being developed by a large team of volunteers and I have been contributing music for the ambient soundtrack, video trailers and the main theme. 


    Short thriller film set in the Binna Burra Rainforest.

    "After attempting to help a stranger in a remote forest, a lone hiker discovers that she has stumbled into a situation out of her control."

    The Oceanmaker: CINE Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Competition

    My original score to the fantastic animated film, The Oceanmaker. Entry for the 2017 Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Competition. 

    Spitfire Audio: #startscoringmoviesnow Competition

    Rescore written for Spitfire Audio's 'Albion One' trailer and latest competition, "Start Scoring Movies Now". 

    Bug Splat

    Soundtrack for a small-scale Space/Adventure game.

    Split Wood

    The pilot for a "mockumentary" style series following a local carpenter with split personality disorder.

    Fallout: Bastions

    Fallout: Bastions was a small-scale story mod for Fallout 4 which was never completed. The premise involved a set of warring robot factions at the site of a crashed Vertibird.

    Dishonored 2 Trailer: Rescore

    My first foray into the world of scoring to picture.

    Mad Max: Fury Road Score Recreation

    My attempt at digitally recreating the track 'Many Mothers' from Junkie XL's Mad Max: Fury Road soundtrack



    "Whoever you are, you are clearly pursuing the right career path. You are very very good at this. Loved how you connected the music to the film. It was like bridges, helping me understand the picture." 

    - CINE Anonymous Judge.

    "Your soundtrack is really freaking good. I've probably listened to it 100+ times by now and I'm still not tired of it." 

    - Pontus Johansson, Trailer Editor.